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Free Initial Assessment for All UK Visa Applications. Speak to an Immigration Consultant with Over 17 Years of Experience.

First Migration offers all our prospective clients a free initial consultation. It’s as important for us as it is for you that we understand your full circumstances before proceeding with an application. We have no doubt that our experience, knowledge, and 5* service will help convince you First Migration is best placed to secure your visa approval.

All visa consultations are undertaken by a qualified immigration consultant with over 17 years of experience. We’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can secure your visa approval. So why not call us on +44 (0) 203 178 2048, or request a call-back by completing the short form above.

How can we help?

Visa Services

Our UK Visa services are tailored to meet your needs, so you can choose the fixed price option you wish to pay for your desired service. For access to our knowledge & experience, we offer consultation services. If you want to secure your approval cost-effectively yourself, then consider our Expert Checking Services. We’ll even provide our Expert Document List and bespoke templates for an extra fee to save you time and ensure the documents are correct on the first attempt. You should enroll in our Full Representation Service if you want to guarantee your approval. You’ll benefit from a dedicated UK Visa Expert, who will manage the entire process. You also benefit from a no-win, no-fee guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in securing your UK Visa approval. Whichever service you choose with First Migration, you can expect to receive our customary five-star Service.

Why Choose Us?

It’s quite simple, really. We love what we do, and we offer our clients a service that is second to none. Not everyone can say they make a difference in people’s lives, but we are fortunate enough to be able to assist our clients in securing their future in the UK, and we cannot wait to see the look on your face when we secure your UK Visa or British Citizenship approval. 

Established in 2007, we’ve worked tirelessly to build First Migration into one of the world’s most trusted UK Visa and Immigration consultancies. Our success is simple. Our clients put their faith in us and our unwavering determination and dedication ensures we never let a client down.

Visa Categories

As you can see from our record of success on, few other visa experts can pride themselves in having as much experience as we do in securing UK Visa approvals while providing a 5-star service. Click on the boxes below to find out more information about the different categories of UK Visa and British Citizenship that we specialise in. If you’re looking to secure a UK Visa approval or British Citizenship, do not hesitate to contact one of our UK Visa experts to see how we can ensure your application is approved first-time, hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Migration is not a firm of solicitors or lawyers but is instead a bespoke UK visa and immigration consultancy. The business and staff are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), and our registration number is F200700083.

First Migration is proud to be a visa and immigration consultancy. While solicitors and lawyers serve a purpose in immigration law, their structure is typically not service or client-centric. Hourly billing, high fixed-cost arrangements, and delegation of responsibilities to paralegals are just some of the challenges.

At First Migration, we offer a clear fixed-price product at a far more competitive rate. We provide a single point of contact to ensure continuity and consistency across your application. Our Trustpilot reviews tell the tale of the exceptional service you will receive. 

It’s perfectly possible to apply for a UK visa on your own, and in fact, the system is set up for individuals to apply directly. Each visa is governed by published immigration law and has supporting information available for applicants. However, unless you’re familiar with immigration law, the application of this in practice, and the rigorous assessment processes of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), then you could run into trouble. 

While the process is set up for individuals to apply, it’s not a forgiving process. Failure to supply the correct information and documents leads to an instant refusal. This means the loss of the government fees paid (which can run into thousands of pounds), but also potentially the loss of your chance to come to the UK or remain in the UK. 

Given the limitations on when you can apply for most visas, it’s a high-stakes game to apply without being 100% confident of a successful outcome. First Migrations expertise and service can give you this confidence.