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Expert UK Visa Checking Service – from £500

Once you have fully prepared your application and are ready for submission, you only need to contact us to book the 2-hour checking service Zoom call. The Expert Checking Service process will be as follows:

  • Call our office using the links on this page or submit a callback request at the top of this page, and we will call you back.
  • We will agree on a time and date for the Checking Service meeting, and we can explain in detail how the service will work.
  • You will provide us with electronic copies of the forms and documents, and we can provide the consultation via Zoom.
  • The Checking Service will take up to 2 hours. During this time, we will thoroughly review all the answers you have entered on the online form, all the documents you think are required to secure the approval, and teach you everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance of approval.
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  • We will advise you of all the changes needed to your answers on the form and cover letter and any missing documents you must submit to ensure the application is successful.
  • Please note that you should fill out the online application but not submit it to enable us to make any changes needed. Once you submit the online form, be warned that no corrections can be made in case you have made any mistakes.
  • While preparing your application, we recommend you write a list of all the questions, queries, and doubts you may have to get the most out of our advice.
  • While we cannot offer a no-win, no-fee guarantee for this service, as we are not representing your case, rest assured that if you follow our advice to the letter, your application will be successful like all of our full-service clients.

Visa Services

Our UK Visa services are tailored to your needs, so you can choose the price you wish to pay, for the service you desire. For access to our knowledge & experience, we offer consultation services. If you want to secure your approval cost-effectively yourself, consider our Expert Checking Services. For an extra fee, we’ll even provide our Expert Document List & bespoke templates to save you time. If you want a guaranteed approval though, you are looking for our Full Representation Services. Your own dedicated UK Visa Expert to manage the entire process, and a no-win, no-fee guarantee to demonstrate our confidence in securing your UK Visa approval. Whichever service you choose with First Migration, expect a five-star Service.