The First Migration Promise

We are passionate about what we do and the service we provide, so what can you expect if you instruct us to represent you to ensure your UK Visa application is approved?

We promise:

  • To fight for your future in the UK and your UK visa approval as if we were applying for the visa for ourselves or those we care most about;
  • To ensure that the process is as simple and as hassle-free as possible for you. We will provide you with a detailed document list; any templates needed and guide you through the entire process with our expert advice;
  • An honest and fully transparent service – you would expect nothing less from us;
  • A fair price for the service you will receive – we are not the cheapest out there but are far from the most expensive. Put simply; you get what you pay for and should you choose to pay our fees, you can be confident that we will secure your UK Visa approval in return;
  • No hidden fees or under-handed Terms and Conditions – just one fee with all taxes included;
  • We guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure we secure your UK Visa approval as we have promised. We are not selling mobile phones, and if you do not receive what you have paid for, we cannot just send out another “unit” to you. We are fully conscious of the impact even one small mistake can make to your future, and your family’s future, in the UK.  Although this worry weighs on us, there is no greater motivation to ensure your UK Visa or British Citizenship application is approved*.
  • We will always tell it exactly as it is. Plain speaking is the name of the game as far too much is at stake for you and our reputation.

You can expect all of this and much more from us but this is not just a one-way process and working together, both you and First Migration become greater than the sum of our parts.  So what do we ask from you in return with your future in the UK potentially on the line?

We kindly ask you:

  • To trust in our ability to secure your UK Visa approval (unless we give you a reason not to and if this happens, and we cannot remember a time when it has, we want to know immediately!).
  • To gather ALL the required documents for your UK Visa application and get them to us in a timely fashion.  Do not leave everything to the last minute or we might not have the time to prepare a perfect application and ensure your UK Visa is approved stress-free, and we both don’t want that! There are times when a client needs to obtain additional documents as the documents provided are not in an acceptable format. If this happens a few days before submission, it may not be possible to get the supporting documents needed!
  • To spread the good word of First Migration to anyone that will listen when we deliver you an excellent, honest service and your UK Visa approval as promised.

Now that you know exactly where you stand, why not give one of our UK Visa Specialists a call and let us take all the stress and worry out of the UK Visa process? With no sales teams (on commission), a Director of First Migration or a UK Visa expert is waiting for your call – 020 3178 2048. Alternatively, we are more than happy to call you – just request a call back using the contact form on this page, and we will call you as soon as possible instead.

*in line with our Terms and Conditions, and this does not include clients that need discretion from the UK Visa authorities.  Remember, we are here solely for you, and even if you cannot fully comply with the immigration rules and require discretion from the Home Office or British Embassy/High Commission, rest assured that we will give you the greatest chance possible of getting your UK visa approved.

Approval Promise

We can offer you no greater promise than to guarantee your visa approval, to safeguard your government fees and ensure that you can remain where you want to be…..right here in the UK. We promise you that we will fully advise you about the exact documents we want and prepare a perfect application to ensure that your visa application is approved without exception.

As you can appreciate, we can only do this and offer you this promise if you have not broken the immigration rules and you have planned ahead to ensure that you still qualify for your next visa. It is for this reason that we would like you to work with us for as long as possible and follow our advice to the letter. For it is only because our clients have worked side by side with us, placing their faith in our ability to deliver as promised that we have been able to maintain our perfect record of approval.

So read through our website, regularly keep up to date on all the requirements for the next visa you need to apply for and instruct us to represent you at least 3 months before your visa expires. That way we still have enough time to rectify any mistakes you may have made and deliver on our approval promise.

We look forward to working with you and showing you first hand exactly what we can do and justify the faith you’ll place in us when it comes to securing your future in the UK when taking us up on our approval promise…….020 3178 2048.

Service Guarantee

With your visa approval never in any doubt when becoming our client, you only really have to think about what you will get in return for paying our professional fee and whether you are willing to place your faith in our ability to deliver what we have promised you.

So what kind of service guarantees do we offer our clients that have led to us becoming the UK’s leading Immigration Consultancy?  Well in return for your leap of faith if you have never used our service before, we simply guarantee you the following:

  • A level of service that you can only expect from a proud family business – with many organisations you are simply a client reference number or a figure for someone’s commission sheet but to us you are the only reason that we have our business
  • A good, honest service that we can be proud of
  • We will always put your best interests before anything else regardless of the fees we charge – rest assured that we only want what is best for you and we pride ourselves on advising our clients solely what is in their best interest not ours.  If we thought that one of our cheaper service options is better for you, we’ll say. Unlike many, we look at the bigger picture and do not try to sell the most expensive service for short term gain.  Our meteoric rise in our industry has been thanks partly to our clients referring their friends and family because we do things so differently to everyone else.
  • A guaranteed approval…..what is the point of us doing what we do if we cannot guarantee you what you have to come to us for in the first place?
  • Without exception we will always be there for you when you need us
  • We will provide you with the most detailed document list you could wish for together with any document templates you may need to make everything as simple and easy for you as possible.  With our full service, all you have to do is pay our professional fee, provide us with all the documents we request in the right format and we will literally do everything else for you.
  • Absolutely no hidden charges or fees – one professional fee with all taxes and charges included
  • One truly expert visa consultant from start to finish – we believe in building relationships and know first-hand the benefit in having someone you can trust to guide you through the immigration process over many years to ensure you never have to worry about your future in the UK…….an Immigration Guardian Angel you could say ?

So why not pick up the phone or request a call back at the top of the page and let us take way all the stress and worry you may be feeling about your visa application?  Applying for your visa does not have to be a painful experience if you don’t want it to be…….the choice is yours……020 3178 2048

Securing A Future in the UK

We know how much this application means to you, the people you most care about and more importantly your future in the UK.  You only have to make one mistake nowadays and you lose thousands of pounds in Government fees and potentially your future in the UK comes to an abrupt end.  This fact weighs heavily on our mind with such a great responsibility resting on our shoulders but there is no greater motivation to ensure that we only submit perfect applications that can be nothing other than approved by the UK authorities.

Always remember when considering the best way to secure your future in the UK:

  • Knowledge is power – to take the power away from the UK Border Agency, knowledge is the key. So if you want to try and secure your visa approval on your own make sure that you do your research.  Alternatively, you can rely on the expert knowledge that we have gained over many years
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail – make sure that you do not leave everything to the last minute and you know exactly what you will need to do and when. You should be asking yourself questions like what balance do you need in your bank account and for how long to satisfy the maintenance requirement? How do you qualify for your next visa extension? Plan ahead…..we are only 20% better than the situation our clients bring to us and whilst we can work magic, we can rarely produce miracles ?
  • If you want it to be, your visa application can be a team effort with both you and First Migration becoming greater than the sum of our parts as they say

Always remember that life is a series of opportunities and you have to grab them with both hands when they present themselves like finding our website guaranteeing you a guaranteed visa approval.  Seize the moment and either call us or request a call back and let us secure your future in the UK.