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It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have just launched a pioneering and cost-effective way of you securing your UK visa online. Should you wish to check out the revolutionary online visa assistance services we can offer you, please go to

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  • Expert DIY Guide – crafted by our UK visa experts based on their knowledge and experience in securing thousands of UK visa approvals over the past ten years. Our pioneering DIY Guides will take you step-by-step through the entire application process from start to finish. We will explain EVERYTHING you need to know to secure your UK visa approval. What documents you need to submit, how to present your application and the arguments you need to make to the UK authorities to ensure approval.  All the information you need can now be found in one place, our DIY Guide, saving you weeks of time and effort. So why pay a fortune in immigration consultancy fees when you can secure your ILR approval in a convenient and cost-effective way?
  • Call Service – This revolutionary service enables you to speak via phone or video call (Skype) for up to 30 minutes with a UK visa expert that has secured thousands of UK visa approvals to date. Should you require additional time with your dedicated consultant, you can always pay an extra fee over the phone to secure a further 30 minutes if needed. Unlike all other immigration consultancies in the UK, as you are paying £49 for the visa expert’s time, you can literally ask them ANYTHING you want to know? Why take a chance with the contradictory information given out by the free Home Office call centre or pay a fortune to an immigration lawyer if you only have a few questions? Problem solved.
  • Document Templates Library – Not sure how any of the documents you need to submit to secure your UK visa approval should be presented? Well, you now have access to document templates composed by our UK visa experts and submitted with thousands of successful UK visa applications to date. Over the years, our document templates have evolved to ensure that they comply with what the Home Office caseworkers/Entry Clearance Officers are expecting to see at any given time.  Should they request more information when a client applies, our document templates will immediately be amended to ensure they are completely up-to-date. Our document templates also provide you full instructions on what you need to do and how the document should be presented to ensure what you submit is perfectly presented. Why not purchase one template from and see what we mean? We know you will be impressed and end up buying all of the templates you need once you realise how they can make your life easier.
  • 48-hour Document Checking Service – You now have the ability to have a UK visa expert thoroughly check your prepared application from the comfort of your home. You just need to upload your fully prepared UK visa application to your account, and one of our visa experts will check your entire application online within 48 working hours. We will review your cover letter, the application form and all the documents you plan on submitting to ensure you have not made any mistakes. You will be provided detailed feedback online about the documents you are submitting from a UK visa expert that has secured thousands of UK visa approvals to date. Once our expert advice has been posted to your account, our intelligent system will contact you by e-mail to advise you to login to get immediate access to our valuable feedback. There are no longer any excuses for you to make any mistakes when preparing your UK visa application.
  • Auto Cover Letter Service – the importance of a perfect legal cover letter, arguing your application through the Home Office, British Embassy or High Commission, is significantly underestimated by everyone except immigration consultants. Our UK visa experts have created the perfect legal cover letter that links all of your documents to the latest immigration rules and caseworker policy guidances. All you have to do is input the information we request from you, and our intelligent system will craft the ultimate cover letter tailored to your application. Should you have any doubts about the information we require, you can click on examples drafted by our visa experts to make the process as simple as possible. When you are happy with your letter, simply publish it to your account and print it off. Submit it at the top of your UK visa application and you will leave the Home Office caseworker in no doubt that you know the ILR rules and requirements better than they do!
  • Free Eligibility Assessment Tool – Why not check your eligibility for the UK visa you want now and ensure you are not facing any issues that you are unaware of? We recommend that all of our clients take advantage of this free assessment tool before paying for our expert DIY Guide to ensure they qualify? Our intelligent system will check your answers against the latest UK immigration rules and if any issues are identified, we will recommend that you use our Call Service. We are experts at resolving eligibility problems our clients have faced over the years, and we can help you to turn around almost any situation based on our experience.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today to gain immediate access to our revolutionary online services through You can now fully prepare your UK visa application, at a time and place that suits you and save a fortune in the process. We don’t think that it gets any better than that, and we are sure you will agree.