Applying Overseas: Visa Applications Outside The UK


First Migration has secured thousands of UK visa approvals outside of the UK, and we have extensive experience applying through almost every British Embassy and British High Commission worldwide.  Whether a client is living outside the UK and wants to apply to come to the UK for the first time or is lives in the UK and intends to bring a family member to join them here, we can ensure that the UK visa is approved first time without exception.

What is the secret of our success you may ask?  Well, you may not be aware that since the UK Home Office (UK Visas & Immigration) passed the responsibility for processing overseas visas to the British Embassies and High Commission’s a few years ago, a truly dysfunctional process has evolved.  Each British Embassy/High Commission has been told to interpret the UK immigration rules, and relevant policy guidance’s in their own way.  This means that what documents and legal arguments they will accept in India when applying for a UK visa are not necessarily the same as what will guarantee a UK Visa approval in Australia.  With over 150 British Embassies and High Commissions around the world, how has it been possible for First Migration to stay one step ahead?

Put simply; we have seen our client’s refusal letters from around the world when they have tried to apply by themselves and have been refused.  This has enabled us to track every reason and excuse given for refusing a UK visa application worldwide for the past decade.  Armed with all this information, we can prepare perfect Visa applications using all the right documentation and legal arguments linked to the latest UK immigration rules to guarantee our UK visa applications will be approved.

Benefits of using First Migration when applying overseas:

  • All UK visa applications are covered under our no-win, no-fee policy unless discretion is needed from the UK authorities (in line with our Terms and Conditions) – as long as you have been truthful about all the facts, should the visa not be granted we will offer you a full refund, or we will pay the Government fees again to secure the UK Visa approval you have come to us for. While this has never been necessary since we started our business in 2007, this has always been the plan and is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions.
  • We are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Government through the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). By choosing First Migration, you can avoid using an unregulated and unlicensed immigration consultancy outside the UK.  We hear terrible stories of clients losing their money and their visas being refused when using overseas companies and the client cannot take any action.  If you thought we had done the same, you could raise a complaint with the OISC in the UK, and we could lose our license to practice immigration law. While this will never be necessary, it should give you greater peace of mind.
  • First Migration will fully represent you through our detailed legal cover letter that links your documents and your particular case to the immigration rules and relevant policy guidances. Our cover letter also addresses every excuse given by Entry Clearance Officers the world over to ensure only one course of action, that they approve your UK visa. Our UK visa experts have drafted our legal cover letters based on their years of experience in securing nothing but UK visa approvals worldwide. Put it this way, it has been years since we last assisted a client with any issue we had not dealt with before, and it is this type of experience you can significantly benefit from by choosing us. Rest assured that although we are not there in person overseas when the application is made (which is not necessary), we will make full legal representation through our application cover letter.
  • Like all our client’s that have used our services before you, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your or your loved one’s UK visa application will be approved first-time.
  • We advise you on all the documents necessary – British Embassies/High Commissions worldwide do not adequately explain what documents are required until they refuse your visa application and you read the refusal letter.  With more than 50% of overseas applications refused, this not only means you may have to pay their fees more than once, but your loved one (or you personally) may be stuck overseas for many months.  We explain everything including the required documents in a very straightforward, clear way and escort you through the entire process.
  • We prepare the whole application including all the application forms for you – that way we know that everything is perfect and the UK visa will be approved.
  • We courier the prepared application to your family overseas – so all they are required to do is take the application we have fully prepared and hand our work over to the British Embassy/High Commission in full confidence that their UK visa will be successful.
  • No stress and worry for you and any loved ones – with a UK visa expert managing the whole process for you, you can find other things to worry about rather than this!

Why not give one of our UK Visa experts a call or just request a call back (at the top of the page) and we can discuss your case in detail, free of charge.  Should you want us to guarantee the UK visa approval, all you have to do is pay our professional fee, provide the documents we request and we will do the rest for you.  We’re waiting for your call – 020 3178 2048.