Thinking of Applying For UK Visa - Get A Free Consultation


We are proud to be able to give you some of our time for free initially to enable you to assess whether we are the best UK Visa experts to ensure your UK visa is approved first-time.

You can either take advantage of this free consultation over the phone or by meeting with us in person at our Central London office.

To be direct, we do not want you to pay us any fees if we cannot properly assist you as our UK Visa approval record of success is far too important to us. We pride ourselves on delivering nothing but UK Visa approvals together with a service our competitors envy. So during the free consultation, you can expect your First Migration UK Visa expert to thoroughly assess your eligibility for the UK visa you wish to secure. We will advise you of any potential issues you may face and recommend the best course of action to remedy them. We will also explain our services to you and explain how we can help you to ensure you secure a UK visa approval hassle-free.

We know that once you have spoken or met with us, you will place your faith in our ability to secure your future in the UK by signing up for our services.  Rest assured that should we find we cannot assist you for any reason, we will not abandon you there and will refer you to someone we trust that can. The free consultation also gives you a chance to test our knowledge and experience before selecting our consultancy as we want you to be fully confident that First Migration is as good as we say we are.

So what have you got lose by calling us or requesting a call back when we offer a free consultation, and we guarantee your Visa approval and fees. We look forward to speaking to you shortly……. 020 3178 2048.