The Home Office's Postal Service


If you are applying for a UK visa approval in the UK, you can choose to either submit your UK visa application to the Home Office (UKVI) by post or via their Premium Service Centre for a same-day approval. Due to the Government fees being so expensive nowadays, some clients choose to apply by post for their UK Visa even though the processing time will take many months (rather than using the more expensive same day approval Premium Service).

Should you choose our full representation services (Silver, Gold or Platinum levels of service), we will send you a detailed document list, and any document templates that you may need to make everything as simple for you as possible. All you need to do is provide us with all the documents we request to ensure the UK Visa is approved, and we will do everything else for you. We thoroughly prepare the application form(s), represent you through our detailed expert legal cover letter, and we submit your application by post directly to the Home Office (UKVI).  As your legal representative, all correspondence from the Home Office will be sent directly to our Central London office. We will manage the entire application process on your behalf and guide you through each step to ensure a simple and stress-free process for you. Once the Home Office have approved your UK Visa application, as our client, they will return all your documents and send your new Biometric Residence Permit ID card directly to our office. We will contact you within minutes of receiving your UK Visa approval from the Home Office in the post as we understand how stressful a long processing time can be for you.

Benefits of this service:

  • It is the cheapest way of applying if the visa processing time of many months is not an issue
  • You only have to pay our professional fee and provide us with all the documents we request, and we do everything else for you
  • We provide you with a detailed document list and all the document templates you may need, so you do not need to worry or stress about the documents required to secure your UK visa approval
  • You will be fully covered under our no-win, no-fee guarantee (in line with our Terms and Conditions) as we are fully in control of the whole postal process

What this service does not offer:

  • There is no way of guaranteeing the processing time due to the way UK Visas & Immigration (the Home Office) operate their postal service. You should note that the average postal processing time in the UK is currently between 3 – 6 months on average
  • There is no way to check the progress of your UK Visa application online, and it is not possible to contact the case working team processing your application. You also cannot communicate with the Home Office to expedite the process if you need to travel in an emergency. Your passport and UK Visa BRP card will be stuck at the Home Office during the entire application process. Put simply; when you apply by post, you have no choice but to wait patiently for the Home Office to process your UK Visa application at their convenience

Reasons why clients choose this service

About 10% of our clients decide to apply for their UK Visas through the Postal service, and due to the cost, the Premium Application Service is not for everyone.  There are many reasons why and some of the main reasons in our vast experience are as follows:

  • The cost of applying – we have witnessed the Government fees (or a Migrant Tax as we like to call it!) increasing from a couple of hundred pounds in 2005 to thousands of pounds per applicant nowadays.  In these challenging economic times and with the UKVI’s concerted effort to price you out of the UK, the cost of applying may be one of your main concerns. Maybe you have a large family and just cannot afford the extra Premium fees or wish to spend the additional fees on other things?  The postal service saves you money so you may want to consider this service instead of the more expensive Premium (fast-track) Service.
  • Maybe you are not in a rush – some clients may not be in a hurry for their decision and have complete faith in our ability to secure their UK visa approval.  Others may be applying for a second Visa extension to get to Indefinite Leave to Remain and still have plenty of time left before their current UK Visa expires.  With our unique no-win, no-fee guarantee, these clients have nothing to lose by applying by post and can save the money. Please note that if your current UK Visa is likely to expire during the time your postal application is being processed, we would always recommend that you use the Premium Service to apply.  The reason for this is that you no longer have the right to appeal a refusal or to submit a fresh application after your UK visa has expired. Therefore, if you apply by post and your current UK visa expires during the process, you have only one chance to secure your UK Visa approval. If your postal application is refused for any reason, you will more than likely need to leave the UK to apply for a new visa to return to the UK. This would also mean that you would have to start your path to Indefinite Leave to Remain (aka Permanent Residence) or British Citizenship again!
  • You may have left applying for your UK Visa approval to the last minute before your current UK Visa expires and it is no longer possible to secure a Premium appointment in time.

One issue that our clients do not have to worry about is the outcome of their UK Visa approval.  So should you want First Migration to represent you, you only need to consider the points above when deciding whether to apply by post or via the Premium Service?  Feel free to call one of our UK Visa experts to discuss this matter further and rest assured that we only want what is best for you.  Unlike most, if we can save you money or think that the more expensive services are not in your best interest, we will tell you so.  Call us now on 020 3178 2048 for a free consultation so we can check your eligibility and advise you about the best way to secure your UK Visa approval.