Premium Visa Application Checking Service

Have you already fully prepared your UK Visa application, but have some doubts? If so, our premium service is for you


A limited number of our clients are fully confident in their ability to secure their UK Visa visa approval as they may have done this before without an expert’s assistance.  If you have already fully prepared your UK Visa application, but have some doubts about what you have done, our premium visa application checking service is what you are looking for. Considering the fees that you are paying to secure the UK Visa and the impact an adverse decision could mean to you, our visa application checking service can give you total peace of mind. Our UK Visa Experts can utilise their decade’s worth of practical experience to thoroughly check your work and advise you on any changes that may be needed to ensure a successful application. This is the cheapest service that we offer as you are only paying for our time to check your work, and for access to our vast experience in securing UK Visa approvals by submitting perfect applications every time.

You should note that due to the low cost of this service and the fact we are not in control of the application process, you will not be covered under our no-win, no-fee guarantee but rest assured that if you follow our advice, there is no reason why your UK Visa will not be approved.

Benefits of this service:

  • It is the most cost efficient service we offer
  • It will give you peace of mind that you have not made any mistakes if you are sure you do not want one of our UK Visa experts to prepare your application, and represent you to the Home Office or British Embassy/High Commission
  • The best insurance policy you could wish for to ensure your UK Visa is approved if you are sure that you want to make the application yourself without a UK Visa expert representing you

What this service does not offer:

  • We will not be representing you and your case through our detailed, legal cover letter (as this is part of our full representation service)
  • Your application is not covered under our no-win, no-fee guarantee as we are not in control of the application process
  • We do not prepare the whole application – you will need to research what documents are necessary, complete your application form and bring everything fully prepared to your meeting with your dedicated UK Visa expert.

What you can expect from our Expert Checking Service:

  • A First Migration Visa specialist will thoroughly review the application you have prepared. You will need to do all your own research first and then fully prepare your application to enable us to review your work. This would involve you completing the appropriate UK Visa application form(s), draft your own cover letter and gather all the documents that you believe are necessary to secure your UK Visa approval.
  • You can then e-mail through the fully prepared application (cover letter, application form(s) and all the supporting documents) for your First Migration Visa expert to thoroughly check your work.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to have a one-hour face-to-face meeting in our Central London office where your dedicated UK Visa specialist will personally review the entire application with you in person.
  • The application will be thoroughly examined by a Director of First Migration that has over ten years’ practical experience in securing thousands of UK Visa approvals worldwide.
  • Your UK Visa expert will confirm all the mistakes you may have made in your cover letter, on the application form and with the supporting documents you think are necessary. We will also provide you with our expert recommendations about exactly what you should do to ensure your UK Visa is approved and highlight any potential risks of refusal you may face personally.
  • As long as you action any advice and recommendations we offer you, you can expect your UK Visa application to be approved in the same way the applications we submit for our clients are always successful.

If this cost-effective service is what you are looking for, why not give us a call on 020 3178 2048? One of our UK Visa Experts is waiting to speak with you now to explain why we are the best insurance policy you could wish for to secure your UK Visa approval and future in the UK.  Alternatively, you can request a call back using the Contact Form on this page, and we will call you as soon as possible to provide you with a free initial consultation. Check also our other expert services for future references.