The Home Office's Premium Service

Need help getting a Premium appointment?

Virtually all our clients applying in the UK for their visa choose to take advantage of Home Office’s Premium Service to secure the fastest possible decision nowadays. While this service costs more than the slower postal service, it means that our clients do not need to wait for months to secure their visa approval. As you may know, if you apply by post your passport will be stuck at the Home Office for months which means you cannot travel abroad.

By opting to apply via the Premium Service, we will secure the Premium appointment at the Home Office for you should you choose our Silver, Gold or Platinum levels of service. Obtaining the Premium appointment can be a bit of nightmare, but as we do this daily, we no longer have any difficulty in securing any appointment we want.

Should you sign up for our full service, we will provide you with a detailed document list explaining precisely what documents we will need to secure your UK visa approval. As simplifying the process is our top priority, we will also provide you with any document templates you may need to save you time and worry.  Just gather all the documents we have requested, provide them to your UK Visa expert, and they will do the rest. We thoroughly prepare the application form, organise all your documents and provide you with our world-renowned legal cover letter to ensure the application is approved.

Should you opt to take the application yourself on the day of the Premium appointment at the Home Office without us, we will provide the prepared application back to you all ready for submission. All you need to do is attend the Premium appointment, had them our work and receive your application back approved, hopefully, on the same day. When your application has been approved, the Home Office will hand you all your documents back, and we will receive your new UK BRP Visa card at or office within ten working days.

So what are the benefits of choosing to apply in the UK via the Home Office’s Premium Service:

  • The decision on your visa application will be made on the same day as you attend your Premium appointment so no long waiting time for your approval
  • We do almost everything for you, so it is as hassle free as possible
  • You can benefit from having a legal representative with you – we escort you through the Public Enquiry Office and fully represent you on the day of the appointment (in person)
  • We organise and secure your Premium appointment for you, so you do not have the worry and stress of trying to do this yourself
  • You will be fully covered under our no-win, no-fee policy and we guarantee your visa approval

The only disadvantage to this service:

  • The cost – the government fees are higher than the postal service. Considering the fact you there is every chance you will know whether your UK visa application has been approved same day, we are confident you will agree it is a small price to pay.

Did you know? – many clients are not even aware that the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration) changed the immigration rules in April 2016 to shift the balance of power away from the applicant to assist them in their stated desire of reducing the number of migrants that settle (on Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK to below 100,000 per year.

So what was the change and how has it impacted all UK visa applicants? The first change was removing your right to make an appeal if your UK visa application is refused unless you have had a human rights claim rejected. This means that you can no longer make an appeal to a court for a judge to overturn the Home Office’s decision. This also applies to all UK visa applications made outside the UK. Effective from 24th November 2016, you will also no longer be able to apply for a UK visa within 28 days of your UK visa expiring.

These changes effectively mean you now have only one chance to secure your UK visa approval and any mistakes you make when applying may mean you will jeopardise your future in the UK.

Having said this, you are not completely powerless following these changes to the UK immigration rules, and you can shift the balance of power back in your favour.

So how can you do this? Whether you use First Migration or not, we sincerely recommend that you use an expert immigration consultant to assist you.  Someone that knows all the policy and procedural changes that have occurred since you last applied so you can stay one step ahead of the Home Office (UK Visas & Immigration).