Why Choose First Migration To Secure Your Visa Approval?


Why First Migration to secure your visa approval when there are so many Immigration Consultancies out there?

We have built our family business since 2007 into one of the most successful Immigration Consultancies in the UK thanks to our previous clients putting their faith in us and our unwavering determination to ensure that every client’s UK visa is approved.

We have also fought hard to make sure that we are different from all the other Law Firms and Immigration consultancies out there.  So what do we mean by different? Put simply:

  • We are a proud family business that does not believe in separate sales and case working teams.  You will have one expert UK visa consultant from your initial consultation through to your visa approval. The same can be said about your initial UK visa application through to British Citizenship if that is your goal.
  • You can only be an expert UK visa consultant and work with a client at First Migration if you have secured no less than 1,000 UK visa approvals.  We would not want to entrust such an important task as securing our future in the UK to someone that is not experienced enough so, why should you?
  • We guarantee the fees under our pioneering no-win, no-fee guarantee (in line with our Terms and Conditions). Unlike all the other Law Firms and Immigration Consultancies worldwide; we are the only UK visa specialists that guarantee not only our professional fee but also your government fees.  This unique guarantee is only applicable if you have not broken any of the immigration rules, provide us with all the documents that we want (in the right format), and you do not need discretion. What more could you ask for than that and how could we better demonstrate how confident we are in securing our client’s UK visa approvals?

So why not become part of our success story and let us be your ultimate insurance policy when applying to stay in the UK?  Pick up the phone or request a callback, book a free consultation and come and see us?  Don’t just take our word for it; we know that you will understand what we mean about being different once you have met us…….020 3178 2048.