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Welcome to First Migration’s MN1 Registering a child as a British Citizen Information Centre. 

We have dedicated the past decade to help our clients register their children as British citizens. Using the knowledge and experience we have obtained during this time, we have created this MN1 Form Information Centre to provide you with comprehensive information you need to get started. 

We recommend that you bookmark this page, after reading through the information below, to find the information page again quickly. Should you want our expert assistance or guidance at any time, call us to speak to one of our MN1 Registration Experts and have your child’s case assessed for free. Alternatively, request a call-back on this page, and have one of our experts call you instead. 

Get a sense of the five-star service and results we have provided for our past clients by checking out our reviews on Should you choose First Migration to act as your legal representative, rest assured we will provide a professional service that lives up to our online reputation, and is as stress-free and straightforward as possible for you. 

Before your first consultation, take the time to read through the information below as we address the most frequently asked questions. We hope to demonstrate our expertise in registering your child as a British citizen, even before having a conversation with you. We look forward to helping you with the process of registering your child as British.

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Making an MN1 form application to register your child as British

This MN1 form application can be made by children less than 18 years of age to be registered as British citizens. You should note that once your child becomes 18 years of age they will need to apply for Naturalisation instead of being registered as British (via the MN1 application). For more information about the naturalisation process, please read through our British Citizenship page.

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For a child to be registered as a British citizen, they will be eligible under the following circumstances:

  • The child was born in the UK to a parent or parents that have subsequently secured Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or EEA Permanent Residence, or Settled Status as a European national
  • the child has had another form of British nationality
  • the child was born before 1st January 1983 to a British mother
  • the child was born to a British father even if he was not married to the child’s mother
  • the child was born in the UK on or after 1 January 1983 and one of the parents was either British or holding an Indefinite Leave to Remain/Permanent Residence Visa at the time
  • the child is under 18 and does not fit into the other categories
  • the child has a connection with Gibraltar or Hong Kong
  • the child is stateless

As we have always registered our clients’ children as British citizens successfully since we started First Migration in 2007, we believe in demonstrating just how confident we are with a No-Win, No-Fee guarantee. We really are the best insurance policy you could have so what are you waiting for? Why not submit a Call Me Back request (on this page) or call us on +44 (0) 203 178 2048 so we can discuss your child’s case?

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There are also other eligibility rules for each category:

We can assist you in making in an application using form MN1 guidance if you are applying for your child to become British under one of the following sections:

Section 1 (3) – birth in the UK to parents who are now settled in the UK or have become British citizens.

Section 1 (3A) – birth in the UK to parents who have joined the British armed forces.

Section 3 (1) – a child whose parents are applying for British citizenship at the same time.

Section 3 (2) – birth abroad to parents who are British by descent and have lived in the UK or a British overseas territory.

Section 3 (5) – birth abroad to parents who are British by descent but are now living in the UK or a British overseas territory.

Section 3 (1) – children adopted abroad by British citizen parents.

Section 3 (1) – children whose parents had renounced and subsequently resumed British citizenship.

Section 4D – birth abroad to parents serving in the armed forces.

As you can see, the rules and way in which you apply for your child can be very confusing so why not call us today and let us worry about your child’s MN1 approval for you? Feel free to call us now on 0203 178 2048 or request a call back using the form on this page to speak to one of our British Citizenship Experts so we can explain exactly what we can do for you.

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We are the only immigration consultancy that is confident enough to guarantee your government fee of £1,012 under our unique no-win, no-fee guarantee

As we have only secured MN1 approvals since we started First Migration in 2007, we believe in demonstrating to you just how confident we are. Should you pay our fee and place your faith in us, we will guarantee your government fee payment to the Home Office of £1,012 as long as you do not need discretion (in line with our Terms and Conditions). We really are the best insurance policy you could have so what are you waiting for? Why not submit a Call Me Back request (using the form on this page) or call us on 0203 178 2048 so we can discuss your case.

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How much will it cost to apply for your child’s MN1 registration?

The government fee (or you could call it application fee) is currently £1,012 per child and you should note that if the child turns 18 years old during the process, you will be charged an additional £80 fee for the British citizenship ceremony that they would need to attend to be issued with their naturalisation certificate. For more information about the ceremony process, please read our British Citizenship visa page. Please note that children under 18 years of age are not required to attend a ceremony and their registration as British certificates will be sent to us by post.

As we are the only immigration consultancy in the world that is confident enough to guarantee the government fee of £1,012 under our unique no-win, no-fee, we truly are the best insurance policy you could have. Why take the chance of having to pay the fee twice or waste months of time in having to make a second application when we can guarantee the approval first time? We are waiting for your call so pick up the phone and dial 0203 178 2048 to speak to one of our UK visa experts.

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How to apply and Biometric Enrolment 

We will be applying online as the UKVI’s applciation process is now fully digital, and the current processing time is around 8-10 weeks (but it can take anything up to 6 months, so be warned). Please note that since April 2015, the Home Office has introduced a new Biometric requirement for all form MN1 guidance applications.

One of the reasons why the processing time is so slow is the UKVI’s biometric enrolment element of the process. As a part of the application process you will be required to enrol your child’s biometrics details for the purpose of identity verification. This is done once we submit the online application to the Home Office and we will secure your child’s Biometric appointment for you as part of the submission process.

Please note that your child’s application will be rejected if you do not enrol their biometrics as instructed. There will be additional coast of around £19.20 that you will need to pay as part of the government fees to complete the Biometric process (e.g. £1,012 for the government fee & £19.20 for biometrics = £1,031.20). You may also have to pay between £100 – £200 per applicant to secure a Biometric appointment at the Biometric Centre nearest to where you live.

So why not let us make this process as simple, easy and as stress-free as possible while we also guarantee your £1,012 government fees (as long as your child does not need discretion) so you have nothing to worry about.

Visa Services

Our British Citizenship services are tailored to your needs, so you can choose the price you want to pay, for the service you require. 

For access to our knowledge & experience, we offer consultation services. If you want to be cost-effective and secure your naturalisation approval by yourself, consider our Expert Checking Services. For an extra fee, we’ll even provide our Expert Document List & bespoke templates to save you time.

If you want a guaranteed approval though, you are looking for our Full Representation ServicesWith this service, you are allocated your own dedicated British Citizenship Expert to manage the entire process, with a no-win, no-fee guarantee. Whichever service you choose with First Migration, expect a professional and stress-free service. 

General British Citizenship & MN1 Registration FAQs

Over the past 12 years, our Naturalisation Experts have perfected the way we present and submit our British Citizenship applications to ensure we always secure our clients their naturalisation approvals while providing a five-star service. During this time, we have been fortunate enough to experience almost every possible situation when it comes to eligibility or supporting document issues, and we know every reason given for refusing an application for British Citizenship. Armed with this expert level of knowledge and experience, we can ensure you secure your naturalisation approval, the first time you apply.

So, you can either spend months researching how to secure your child’s own approval or follow our simple instructions and allow us to secure the approval for you? Should you choose our full representation service, you will receive our no-win, no-fee guarantee (subject to our Terms and Conditions), and benefit from our expert legal cover letter that will argue your naturalisation case through to approval. We have only been as successful as we are in securing British citizenship approvals due to the power of our legal cover letter. Perfected over the past 12 years and 4,000+ UK naturalisation approvals, our legal cover letter explains your case to the Home Office while linking your supporting documents to the specific rules that apply to your case. That way, we can ensure that even a poorly trained or new Home Office caseworker will not make mistakes when deciding upon your case.

Should you not want our British Citizenship Experts to represent your child’s application fully, why not allow us to be your insurance policy by taking advantage of our consultation services or Expert Citizenship Checking Service? We offer a Telephone/In-Person Consultation if you simply want us to answer any questions or doubts you may have about your application. As you are paying for our time and access to our expert knowledge, we will tell you the answers to any questions you have and teach you everything you need to know to secure your naturalisation approval. Likewise, once you have fully prepared your cover letter, your applications form(s), and gathered all the documents needed, you can purchase our Expert Checking Service to ensure you have not made mistakes that could jeopardise a successful application. While we can only guarantee your citizenship approval if we are representing your case, rest assured your dedicated Naturalisation Expert will advise you of all the changes needed to your application. Considering our full-service clients secure their children’s British citizenship approvals first-time, you can expect your naturalisation application to be approved if our advice is followed to the letter.

Why not call one of our British Citizenship Experts today (or request a call-back on this page), so we can provide you with a quote for the different services we offer, and let us give you the confidence you need to choose First Migration to ensure your child secures their British citizenship.  

Knowledge is power, but experience counts for everything when it comes to ensuring a naturalisation application is approved every time, without exception. As you can appreciate, our Citizenship Experts are testing the naturalisation system daily. This enables us to ensure our clients are always ahead of any changes to the British citizenship rules, naturalisation policy guidance, or the latest excuses given for refusing a British citizenship application. This level of practical experience ensures that we can manage the process for our clients, make all the right decisions when applying, reduce the risk of mistakes being made, and give our clients the peace of mind they expect. As soon as a new excuse is given for refusing an MN1 Registration case, our detailed document list, document templates, and legal cover letter are updated to ensure this new excuse cannot be used to refuse our clients’ registration as British applications.

Should the application process change while you are applying, our advice and service will immediately adapt to the new circumstances, so you will not be impacted in any way. Only by preparing and securing naturalisation approvals daily could you ever apply for your child’s British citizenship in total confidence that it will be approved first-time. So why not become a part of First Migration’s success story and take advantage of our experience and expert knowledge? All you have do is sign up for our service, pay our professional fee, follow our advice, and let your dedicated British Citizenship Expert do everything else for you!

There are three easy ways you can contact us to take advantage of our free British citizenship eligibility assessment and speak with a Naturalisation Expert with over 12 years’ practical experience. Rest assured that you will only ever speak directly with a citizenship expert here at First Migration should you contact us through one of the following means:

  • You can call us on 0203 178 2048 – and you will be able to speak directly to a Naturalisation Expert with 12 years’ experience in securing nothing but British citizenship approvals. Your dedicated expert will check your child’s eligibility for free and explain our services and the process of securing your child’s British citizenship. Should you want to visit us before signing up for services, we will offer you a free 30-minute in-person consultation with one of our Naturalisation Experts at our central London office. We know that once you have spoken or met with us; you will place your faith in us to ensure one of the most important applications you will ever make in the UK is approved the first time.
  • You can use the live chat feature if you are viewing our site via a desktop computer or tablet device – you can find the live chat feature at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. This is an excellent way to have an instant chat with a Naturalisation Expert that has secured thousands of British citizenship approvals to date. Should all our Naturalisation Experts be away from the office when you try to use this service, just submit a call-back request or message, and an Expert will call you ASAP.
  • You can submit a Call-Back Request, and we will call you back as soon as possible. You can do this at the top of the screen, and one of our Naturalisation Experts will call you to carry out the free assessment over the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to ensure that your child’s application for British citizenship is approved the first time, without exception.

Should you sign up for our full-representation service, we offer a no-win, no-fee guarantee (in line with our Terms and Conditions) to demonstrate just how confident we are in securing your child’s British citizenship. All you need to take advantage of this guarantee is provide us with the supporting documents we ask for, in the format requested, and follow our advice to the letter when we are applying on your behalf.

We also reassure all our clients that should they sign up for our full-service and their child satisfies all the eligibility requirements, they are signing up for us to work with them until we secure their child’s registration as British approval. As a result, our service will only be over once we have delivered your child’s approval as promised.

Children applying under the age of 18 years of age at the time the Home Office make a decision on their applications are not required to satisfy the Knowledge of Langauge and Life (KoLL) requirement. This means they are not required to pass an English test or pass the Life in the UK test.

General British Citizenship & MN1 Registration FAQs

Since March 2019, the entire application process is now fully digital, and there are no specific application forms needed. When the application is initially set up online, the correct category of UK Visa or citizenship must be selected to ensure that you are applying for the correct visa. Before the application process evolved to a fully digital process, the application forms needed to apply for ILR were as follows:

  • Form AN – This was the form used by adult applicants aged 18 years old or over to apply for naturalisation.
  • Form MN1 – This was the form used for child applicants under the age of 18 years old.

We are pleased to confirm that these forms are technically not appropriate anymore, and should you take advantage of our services, we can ensure that you apply correctly online so that the application is approved first-time.

As you will already have full access to financial (benefits) and NHS healthcare support paid for by the British government now that you, as the child’s parent, have secured your ILR Visa, EEA Permanent Residence, or European Settled Status you are not required to pay the NHS Surcharge when applying for your child’s British citizenship.

For your information, you may find that the NHS Surcharge is sometimes stated as the Immigration Health Surcharge (or IHS), so do not be confused, as they are just different ways of saying the same thing.

Since it is not a simple process for the UK government to remove your child’s British citizenship once granted to them, the UKVI will never be rushed into making a decision. As a result, there has never been a Priority Service available to applicants applying for British citizenship.

The only service available is the UKVI’s Standard Service which means it could take up to 6-months for you to receive a decision for your child. Based on our vast experience, the typical processing time for a successful MN1 Registration application is about 3-months.

If you have tried applying yourself without expert assistance and find yourself in the unfortunate situation of receiving your child’s British citizenship application back refused, we would recommend the following:

  • Call one of our British Citizenship Experts immediately, and they can thoroughly assess your situation and confirm the best options available to you to turn this situation around ASAP.
  • As there is no appeal process or administrative review allowed, you will have lost the government fees you have paid and will be required to re-apply once you have corrected the issues used to justify refusing your child’s previous application.
  • Re-apply ASAP (once your child qualifies for citizenship) by submitting a perfectly presented and argued application to ensure your child’s British citizenship application is successful.

If you have recently received your child’s citizenship application back refused, we would recommend you call one of our British Citizenship Experts to see how they can assist you, or submit a call-back request on this page, and they will call you instead.