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Full Consultancy Service – from £1,200

Our Full Consultancy Service is the easiest way to secure your UK Visa or British Citizenship approval. Once you sign up for expert assistance, you will be contacted by your dedicated UK Visa Expert to discuss the preparation process. You will be sent our Expert Document List to explain precisely which supporting documents we need (specific to your case), along with document templates you need to simplify the process for you. Once you have gathered your supporting documents, you will need to provide them to your UK Visa Expert, they will thoroughly review your documents and recommend any changes needed.

Once we are happy with your documents, we will prepare the application form(s), draft our expert legal cover letter representing your case, and email both to you for review. When you are happy with the documents, your UK Visa Expert will complete the online submission via Zoom/Skype screen share. Rest assured, you will be involved in every aspect of the application process for your peace of mind. Once your application has been submitted, we will manage your entire application process. Should the Home Office have any queries or concerns, they will contact us as your legal representative. This enables First Migration to ensure the Home Office does not make any mistakes, and we can take care of any requests to ensure your application will be successful.

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The Full Consultancy Service process

  • Call our office using the number or links on this page, or submit the call-back request form above, and one of our UK Visa Experts will call you instead to carry out a free eligibility assessment.
  • Once we have checked you qualify for the visa and you have paid our professional fee, your dedicated UK Visa expert will email you all the documents needed to start the preparation process. You will receive our Expert Document List and all the necessary document templates.
  • When you have gathered the documents, you must provide electronic copies to your UK Visa Expert.
  • Once we have received the required supporting documents, your UK Visa Expert will thoroughly review them and recommend any changes needed to ensure your application’s success.
  • Once the final documents have been received from you, your dedicated Visa Expert will fully prepare your application within 5 – 7 working days. The online application form(s) will be completed, and we will draft our bespoke legal cover letter representing your application to the Home Office Caseworker (or Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) if applying outside the UK).
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  • As we believe in you being fully involved in the preparation process to make it as stress-free as possible, rest assured you will receive draft copies of the application form(s) and legal cover letter. Not only will this give you peace of mind that a perfect application will be submitted, but it will also give you full confidence in our ability to deliver your visa approval as promised.
  • Once the application is ready for submission, your UK Visa Expert will book a time to complete the online form(s) submission process via Zoom/Skype screen share.
  • Once the application has been submitted, you will be fully briefed by your Visa Expert about the biometric stage of the process. After your biometrics have been taken, we will have to wait for the Home Office or British Embassy/High Commission to confirm your application has been approved.
  • While you celebrate your UK Visa or British Citizenship application’s success, your UK Visa Expert will confirm in writing everything you need to know to plan ahead for the next Visa extension (if needed). Only then will we be able to join you in celebrating the fact you secured your future in the UK!

Visa Services

Our UK Visa services are tailored to your needs, so you can choose the price you wish to pay, for the service you desire. For access to our knowledge & experience, we offer consultation services. If you want to secure your approval cost-effectively yourself, consider our Expert Checking Services. For an extra fee, we’ll even provide our Expert Document List & bespoke templates to save you time. If you want a guaranteed approval though, you are looking for our Full Representation Services. Your own dedicated UK Visa Expert to manage the entire process, and a no-win, no-fee guarantee to demonstrate our confidence in securing your UK Visa approval. Whichever service you choose with First Migration, expect a five-star Service.